the beginNing...

We started humbly but in the way many great things in Texas often do.  At a tailgate party.

Foodie friends chef Alana Chandler, and food manufacturer Alexandra Worthington had a conversation at a football party in 2014 that changed the world.  They noticed that all foods brought by friends had been updated to the food and dietary preferences of today, but the queso dip was the same queso made with artificial oil-based block cheese and canned tomatoes & chiles that had made it to tailgate parties since the 60's. 

Surely some Texas foodie had updated the staple of the Lone Star State to natural dairy cheese and fresh ingredients? Surprisingly, they found just the opposite at grocery stores the next day. Artificial cheeses and canned chiles in each one!

For years this gourmet duo worked to create an all-natural real dairy cheese queso with fresh roasted peppers and local spices that melted like your mama's queso but tasted better than anyone had ever had.

In 2016 they nailed it.           

Texans rejoiced.

In mere months, the queso swept the state like a Texas tornado, garnering culinary awards, acclaim, and an exclusive product placement in every H-E-B grocery store. Heck y'all, even the San Antonio Spurs loved those cowgirls. 

...And you will too.